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Woof Woof! and welcome to a furry corner of the interweb thingy, that is the online home of myself, BonusBear, furry superstar, bon viveur and all round loveable scamp On these pages, you'll find out all about me, my family, friends, and other happenings that make my tail wag.

Friday, April 29, 2005 here we are then.

woof woof! welcome to my blog. I'm new to all of this so you'll have to bear with me...(bear with me... geddit?)
Now i suppose, as this is my first post on my blog i'd better get down to some basics.
Today i was annoyed to see, whilst walking down my street, a little fellah WITHOUT a lead on. Now i dont know if you're aware, but for little fellah's to be out and about without a lead on is actually against the law. Now i feel that we furry fellahs should be free to roam as we wish, but i'm also aware that some of us arent as streetwise as we'd like to make out.
Anyway, back to my point, this little fellah (he was a staffie) saw me, and came barrelling down the road towards me, now my mum, seeing this, decided to cross the road to avoid him.
Without looking this little fellah came running across the road. what if there had been a car coming? if he'd been on a lead, this would never have happened. luckily the road was clear. BUT THATS NOT THE POINT!
Anyway, thats enough of my rant for today, i dont want us getting off on the wrong footing, with you all thinking "that bonusbear, he's always moaning" it was just something that concerned me today, so i thought that i'd share it with you all.
In my other news today, i went to see the doctor. his name is duncan and he was a little too friendly with where he put his thermometer. he seems nice enough though (even though he didnt give me any treats) but after a couple of injections (didnt hurt..i'm tough me.) My tummy's feeling a bit better, well, at least enough to write this.
I've got to go and see Mr Duncan again tomorrow and he wants me to take a stool for some reason... maybe he gets tired being on his feet all day and wants to sit down?

more soon... xx bonus


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