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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Food has never tasted so good.

Woof Woof!, went back to see Mr Duncan this morning, he did that thing with the thermometer again, cant say i'm too pleased about it, but after another couple of injections i'm apparently well on the way to recovery from my nasty bout of tummy troubles.
Which means...........FOOOOOOD! at last, i've been "starved for 24 hours" so often recently i'm half the dog i should be. 24 hours? don't you people realise that's A WHOLE WEEK in doggy time?
But that's all over with now......bland foods at first but then back to Chicken. Chicken!! oooooh Chicken! how i've missed you! Yes i know that there are other foods, but i'm sorry, theres nothing quite like chicken. (except Chocolate..mmmmmm chocolate......Chocolate.....mmmmm..choc..) whoops sorry, lost my thread a bit there....where were we?
anyway mum says i'm not allowed chocolate because its bad for me. and if how bad i felt after i ate that whole giant size bar of Galaxy is anything to go by, then i think she's about right. (cue expensive trip to anyway i'm sure i'd have been fine eventually, and i might of even got away with it if it hadnt been for all those pesky chocolate paw prints i left behind.

Anyway enough about food (what? am i mad? what am i saying?) er.. i wonder if anyones dropped anything on the kitchen floor......*trots off to check


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