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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Back again!

Woof Woof!

Well, haven’t been able to write much for a while – mum and dad keep telling me they’re too busy out “earning the chewy bones” and I’ll have to wait until they’re less busy, and I say, well order me one of those big keyboards for little paws from ebuyer and I’ll do it myself!

So I’ve been at Grandad’s in Suffolk for the last couple of days – the first time I’ve had a holiday with granddad, whilst mum and Dad went to Spain to see Om, my godfather (not the sicillian dogfather, the other one, but more about that later). Turns out Om’s getting married and I might have to be the furry ring bearer – which I could probably do provided there’s a modicum of chicken brokered somewhere into the deal and I don’t confuse the two.

Mum and Dad have now started talking about getting me a passport, so I can go to
spain which I suppose means having my photo taken in a square box at the station and filling in loads of forms. Now where did I put my birth certificate…….

Life at Grandad’s is good – mainly because I’m irresistible to old people and so the fresh chicken dinners have been available frequently and on time and there have been great long walks in the woods and meadows. Well done Grandad, keep up the good work and maybe later we can share your chair after din-dins (that’s YOUR chair, yes I’ve got that YOUR chair – I only ever annexe it on a temporary basis, I do realise it’s the sacred chair – crumbs, you’re welcome to my basket, what’s the fuss?). The only trouble with granddad is his insistence on going to buy his newspaper at 6am when by rights a little bear should still be tucked up in bed dreaming of chasing chicken sandwiches. How come he manages to fetch his paper on his own when I’m not around, I do question the necessity of my prescence at such an hour, or would if I could.

I do miss mum and dad though, mum said something to me (which I didn’t understand) kissed the top of my head then they both zoomed off in the big red bear bus (that’s what they call the car) whilst me and granddad waved them off from the front porch. So how do I know when they’re coming back? it always feels like they’re gone for weeks and weeks, even though it’s only been two lots of night, I don’t really understand. I like being with my grannies and Grandad but I want mum and Dad too, it’s a dilemma for a llittle bear and sometimes it makes me flumped out for a day when they’re away, pondering how much I’d like them home compared to how fun it is to be at my grandparents and destroy their flower beds. That’s why I curl up on their bed when they’re not here, I like to think of it as our bed and I’m keeping it warm for us all.


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