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Friday, June 24, 2005

They're Back!!!!!!!!

Woof Wooof!

Pheweee! Still at Grandad’s and it’s really really really hot, I’ve been lying around in the garden trying to find a coolspot and panting like a little furry steam train. I did try and lick the patio earlier, I thought it might cool me down, but mum looked at my green tongue in disgust and insisted I lick an ice-cube instead, which actually was a better idea, though not as tasty. Yes mum and Dad are back!!!!!! They arrived half way through the night time whilst I was still asleep in my usual small brown circle, on grandad’s sofa. I got a fantastic cuddle and ear waggle and couldn’t help but do lots of flappy tail wagging in return. I was really excited – they’re back – I knew they’d come back for me, think they must love me as much as I love them – fantastic!

Apparently my little, non furry and upright, cousins are coming around later, they’re called Karl and Abigail, they’re twins which always means twice the trouble. They came round before school the other day and chased me round the garden shouting “chicken chicken chicken” at the tops of their voices, which was fun but really confusing as they didn’t hand over any “chicken chicken chicken”. Mum was a bit bemused, she said they wouldn’t like it if I chased them round their bedrooms shouting “playstation, chocolate, cheese & onion crips”, really? sounds like great fun to me! (starts to flap at the back end).


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