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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ancient Monuments i have peed on

Woof Woof!

Well, me and Mum and Dad went camping this week, but then we came home again after only one night cos Dad forgot to pack the duvet and we all froze in our little tent (and he forgot to pack the plates and the mugs and the bowls, but he did remember the chicken so well done Dad, good to know you've got your priorities right.)

But we stopped at Stone Henge on the way home cos mum thought i should get a bit of culture. Unfortunately couldn't get quite close enough to wee on the henge itself, pity, i was thinking of starting a new blog: ancient wonders of the world that i have peed on - could have been good, book, tv series etc.

I think it's very important to wee on everything i come across, not only is it very satisfying but it lets the whole world know that i've arrived, in fact i don't really understand why uprights don't do it as well, make everything clearer and then we'd know who's boss.


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