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Sunday, September 04, 2005

A game of two halves...

Woof Woof!
Its been one of those funny days really, kind of like a game of 2 halves. On one hand i had a great day out, We went to Weir wood resevoir, its in Ashdown forest (where winnie the pooh lives, but we couldn't find him) and it was really fun. We walked through the woods and down to the water. Because of the hot weather the reservoir was really dry (that's why there's a hospipe ban)and it was really muddy down by the water. I got really hot and discovered a great game - running through the stinky mud right up to my tum tum - it was great - cool stinky sticky mud - fantastic, cooled me down and i had what mum calls my "funny five minutes" - when i get the urge to run and run and run and run around in huuuuuuuge circles at top speed. Then mum caught up with me and i got into trouble, i got told off for jumping in the mud. I don't know what her problem is - i thought she'd want me to be cool and have fun, she should try it see how much fun it is, sure she'd like it, who wouldn't?

So that was fun, then i got my paws wiped and bundled into the car and we went home. That's when it all started to go wrong - Dad started running the bath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he put ME in it!!!!!!!!!!!! and then he got some yukky sweet smelling gloopy stuff and rubbed it all over me - god it stank - and suddenly i was covered in white foamy stuff (weird), and Dad rubbed it all over me until the lovely mud smell had gone and then he rinsed me off with water. He let me out of the bath and we played a game of Dad chasing me round with a towel whilst i avoid him and shake water everywhere - that's a good game, nearly makes up for the dreaded bath experience.

So here i sit at my keyboard, smelling awful and looking all fuzzy, waiting for my fur to dry. It's not natural, i'm supposed to smell of mud and grass and fox poo - hosepipe ban, can't we have a bath ban. Humph, not happy, might have to find something to roll in later...........


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