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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Woof Woof!, Oh dear, will this never end, poorly tummy again, and this time i havent even eaten something i shouldn't have. to make things worse, dad was away at the weekend, and now mums gone away for a week! she says she has to go away so she can afford to buy me chewy bones, but to be honest(and we'll keep this between you and me, ok?) i'm not really in the mood for chewy bones..
Getting a bit fed up with all this bland food, i wish my tummy was better 'coz mums promised me a roast dinner as soon as i'm feeling up to it....(beginning to feel better already..) and this stuff i'm eating at the moment is like tofu or something.
I got an email from Megan(she's a Border terrier also), i havent met her yet, but she looks cute in the photos, she's entering an agility contest soon, so megan, if you're reading this "GOOD LUCK!!"
(dad says the only way i'd win an agilty contest was if the courses were "chicken based", like run up the ramp to fetch a bowl of chicken, or grab the bowl of chicken from off of the table etc etc..)

anyway, feeling under the weather, so i'm going to tuck myself into a furry bagel shape and snooze for a bit.

more later... B*B