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Thursday, February 07, 2008

My Sicilian Dogfather

Latrato! Latrato!

That's woof! woof! in Italian, don't ya know.

Here's a picture of me with Uncle Anthony my Sicilian godfather. He's not at all scary, never mumbles about sleeping with the fishes or any thing like that, more likely to take the fishes out for a cocktail and spin them around the dancefloor till 6am.

I don't see Uncle Anthony very often cos he lives in San Frandisco and apparently that's a long way away and you need to get on one of those plane thingies that i'm not allowed on, but we all have lots of fun when he does come over, lots of fun, i mean lots of fun - Anthony is very very good at having fun. Dad says he tries to lead him astray, Mum reckons he doesn't need much help and i don't care as long as the having fun involves lots and lots of chicken and cuddles!