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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pumpkin Flavoured Fudge...?

Woof Woof!

Yippee! - Pumpkin update - sold my costume to little Fudge in Northern Ireland, well sold it to Fudge's Mum anyway, my Mum won't let me use paypal (us little fellas don't have credit cards cos chewy bones aren't recognised as valid currency) so i guess Fudge's Mum won't either. Well Fudge, i just hope you like it more than i did.

Paws crossed that Mum won't rumble me, might get away with it till next year......

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I'm so scarey.........

Woof Woof!

Yeah, Happy Flippin' Halloween, bet i really scared you in my 'oh so realistic' evil pumpkin costume..........yes, you can come out from behind the sofa, it's only me.

I can't believe Mum's stuffed me into this outfit, makes the Bunny costume look like Prada, pumpkin's the new black, don't you know.

Can someone please stop her, it's so humiliating, i mean, i know i devour all the biscuits she bribes me with when we're doing silly pics (i can't help myself)but i'm a laughing stock in the online little fella community, and have you ever seen a little fellah laugh.....????? - This is serious.

Anyway, I've got my revenge - I've just put the costume on ebay tee hee hee, cunning eh? i'll never have to wear it again, just don't tell her!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Couldn't see the wood for the trees

Woof Woof!

Had a very exciting day yesterday - Mum and Dad took me to a really cool place where they had millions (well nearly) of beautiful trees and i got to wee on all of them - fantastic, took me ages but there was also lots of other little fellas to play with too, so i made lots of new friends. Think they said it was an harbour eat 'em, which apparently means a collection of trees and not somewhere where there's lots of fish dinners (strange, doesn't make any sense to me): Westonbirt Arboretum

Hmmmm might go for a snooze and dream that place is my backgarden and all little fellas are invited to come and play with me (sigh!) ......and then, from behind the biggest tree of all appears the most enormous roast chicken dinner, big as a house, all the trimmings and it's heading my way....yeah, that sounds good, gotta go, got some napping to do.