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Monday, February 19, 2007

The New Bear Bus!

Woof Woof!

It's a proud moment in a little bear's life - you work really hard (blog writing, wags, cuddles etc. etc.) and eventually the parents realise your true worth and reward you with a fine new Bear Bus to take you to the park!

Here's a picture of my own handsome self looking rather distinguished (if i do say so myself) beside the new wheels.

I'm pleased to report my "chauffered" position in the back is very comfortable and i have my own seat cover (the Volvo seat covers were ok for mum and dad but not good enough for me, i get special treatment).

Of course mum and dad were very excited when they discovered the heated seats, electric windows, electric mirrors and the built in car phone adaptor but that was nothing compared to the whoops of joy and t shirt over head behaviour when they discovered the cup holders.....!!!!!! - Mum said "you know you've arrived when you've got cup holders". Don't understand the fuss myself but am hoping that the afore mentioned recipticles will contain large quantities of chicken in the near future, now that would be useful.

So i bet you're wondering what's happened to the big red bear bus that used to take me to the park......??? - a man came round to look at it, he was in a hurry, he told Dad he needed it right away - he wanted to make it fly through the air for a tv advert. Now i know i'm only a little bear but even i know that if you want to make a flying car there are far better aerodynamic choices than our well loved Volvo 24o, but that didn't put the man off he gave Dad lots of money and coughed spluttered and snorted his way off in it. I'll miss the old red bear bus but at least it will be immortalised in celluloid, will let you know when the ad's on tv.