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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What's wrong with this picture........?????

Woof Woof!

Take a close look there's something missing from this photo...... not sure? - let me give you a few clues, the upright in the middle is my Dad and who could that handsome pair he's holding be...........??? - if you haven't got it by now you having been paying enough attention to my marvellous blog because that delightful duo is Bobby and Megan - so what's wrong with the photo ......? I'M NOT IN IT!!!!!!!!! - Mum and Dad drive 200 miles `oop north' (on the pretext of that work thingy that uprights reckon they have to do) and left me at home!!!- so they got to play bally and run round the garden with Bobby and Megan(and little gemma....growl) and i didn't. I had to stay with a smelly cat called Maya who trapped me in her kitchen, i was just trying to sneak off to the living room with her cat bowl (always good for a few crumbs of cat food) when she rumbled me at the kitchen door and blocked my escape. Luckily, a metal cat food bowl makes a handy shield when needed so i got away with it.

Mind you, it wasnt all bad as bobby and megans folks gave me a chewy toy, which is great fun but i think i'm going to have to totally destroy it in double quick time just so that A. it doesn't look like i've been bought off. and B. so they'll take me oop north next time.

I really can't believe that they had the cheek to go visit MY friends and leave me behind. (sulk sulk)

Oh yes, i'll be expecting an extra helping of chicken for tea to make up for this....grrr...

now where did i leave it.... (saunters off)