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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Thanks, Auntie Mandy!

Woof! Woof!

I got some really cool toys for Christmas and Auntie Mandy got me this big footed tennis ball tummed tiger!

Now he might be a tiger but don't forget i'm a little bear, so i soon let him know who's boss in this house - i practised my scary shaking on him, (don't worry i only do this on toys) ran around the room with him for a bit and then settled down to systematically chew him to destruction (think that's why mum took Monkey away, she said she didn't have time to keep sewing his arms, legs, ears and eyebrows back on).

Not many toys survive the bear test but you'll be pleased to hear that Tony Tiger did, i've had him for a whole three days and he still has legs!!!!!! - that qualifies as a great toy in "The Bear's guide to Toys", but more about that another time.

Mum and Dad originally decided to call him Toby Tiger but Mum saw me biting Tony's head and remembered that Auntie Mandy had a boyfriend called Tony who dumped her on Christmas Eve, then she muttered something about voodoo dolls and deserves all he gets, i didn't really understand, but i'm gonna give Tony a really hard time anyway just to show i'm tough!

Thanks for the present Auntie Mandy, it's grrrrrrrrrreat!