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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Take me to the Bridge.....!!!

Woof Woof!

In the words of James Brown ... although i don't really understand why Mr Brown wanted to go to the Bridge (maybe there was roast chicken on the other side.....?)

Here's a photo of yours truly with Bobby and Megan's Dad!!!! I think he read my post "what's wrong with this picture" realised i wasn't happy at being left behind and drove his bus all the way to London just to see me.

Unfortunately, in his hurry to drive down and waggle my ears (can't beat a good ear waggling) he forgot to bring Bobby, Megan and little Gemma, so i still haven't met them all, crumbs, how forgetful is that!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Big Red Bear Bus Flies Again!

Woof Woof!

For the more regular readers of my postings to the world wide woof, this will be something of interest, what's that hanging beneath the balloons?

A car.

Not just any old car mind, that my furry friends is the original Big Red Bear Bus (TM).

You may recall i mentioned in my posting about the new bear chariot, that someone had taken the old Red Bear Bus away to make it fly, and there it is. Now i know that it's not red anymore, but that's only because everyone knows the Bear Bus is red, and they'd have got loads of complaints from animal rights groups etc. - people would understandably get worried about seeing it at such a crazy angle, they might think that i was still in it!

I was in the pub watching the England match and enjoying some light refreshment with my crisps when suddenly, at half time, there it was on sky sports tv, our old Bear Bus starring in an advert for Ford Mondeos mind you, that was the high point of the evening as England were rubbish again (as usual..)