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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Free the Battersea One!

Woof Woof!

Well, there's been too many chewy bones and roast chicken dinners since my last post, let's not leave it so long next time.

Phewweeee! - Lots and lots of news, but let me tell you the important stuff first.

There we were on our morning walk, me mum and dad (I have to walk mum every morning, sometimes it's such a drag, well that's what she says) and suddenly a little fellah (a very little fellah) runs across the road to say hello to me, Dad had to jump into the road in front of a car to stop the little fellah getting run over!!!!! What's this I thought, a little fellah without a collar or lead, hang on a minute, where's his uprights........???? Then he ran off into the chemist and a man with one of those wheelie trolley things they put small uprights into said he wasn't with anyone at all. Suddenly he ran out of the chemist's door and Dad rugby tackled him and picked him up. He wasn't with anyone, we looked and looked, we walked back past the park and still couldn't find anyone so Mum and Dad decided to take the little fellah home.

Well, this was very exciting, a new little playmate in my house! - I went and got my ball and tried to get him to play with me but he just kept trotting round the house sniffing everything so I let him get on with it, we could play ball later.

A little while later Mum said she had to take him to the police station (crumbs, what had he done, a little jaywalking maybe but jeeze, handing him in's a bit harsh, better watch my step, hope she doesn't count the gravy bones) and when Mum and Dad came back little Harry (he looked like a Harry) wasn't with them.

.......I was looking forward to sharing my bally...........

Mum said the policeman had taken him to Battersea and if his uprights don't claim him we'd be allowed to go and collect him and bring him home for keeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thing is, that was nearly three weeks ago and Mum and Dad have been ringing Battersea to ask about him, nobody's claimed him but they still won't let him go, they said he caught kennel cough and didn't pass his assessments (look, us little fellah's aren't very good at written exams, you try it without an opposable thumb) and he isn't allowed to come home until he's been re-assessed.

Crumbs, three weeks, don't you know that's nearly five months to us, poor little Harry, locked up for five months for crimes he didn't commit, it's outrageous. I'm gonna start a campaign "Free the Battersea One", get some t shirts printed, ask questions in parliament, get Amnesty International involved, that sort of thing. Maybe Bono could write a song? Organise a concert or something.

Right gotta go - got to figure out how to bake a chewy bone with a file in it. Don't worry Harry we'll get you out of there.......trots off wondering if you can get balaclavas for dogs on ebay........